A small introduction

About Us

Navigore is a fast-growing conference producing and organizing company, one of the leading providers of business intelligence globally. Our goal is to conceptualize industry-tailored Forums of the highest standards in the colossal worldwide market. We are focused on two prodigious sectors: Maritime & Tourism.

Our specialization in these fields ensures the excellence and success of our conferences providing high-value information to all participants, satisfaction to speakers, sponsors, and attendees.

Bringing people together

What we do

We are bringing people together through knowledge, experience and new ideas, aiming to create high quality B2B communities. Our focus is mainly kept on learning, exploring, brainstorming and sharing information on crucial subjects for the global market. Our international team is composed of experienced professionals; each one has years of experience in their field, a wide variety of strong skills and specific knowledge on their subject.

A combination of passion, hard work and respect to the business makes us bring successful results, and transforms each project into a prosperous Forum that provides cutting-edge information to business authorities.

As a professional conference organizer, Navigore perceives the organization of each Forum as an exclusive opportunity to bring together leading companies and experts, aiming to introduce the participants to significant topics and discussions, deepen their knowledge on the subject and expand their contacts and clientele.

Accelerating Growth

Our Mission

Our goal is to facilitate a prosperous environment across two main sectors: Maritime & Tourism accelerating growth and innovation. In Navigore we strongly believe that relationship building is as critical to understanding as ideas. The speakers and contributors of our Forums are top in their fields, and everyone who wishes to engage in a meaningful discussion will have the opportunity to do so.

Exchange strategic information on critical matters of our era!

Our most explicit objective is accelerating Growth. We are committed to producing innovative Forums dedicated to helping you achieve both business excellence and competitive advantage. Through comprehensive market research and analysis, at first stage, we aim to create a united platform to address a specific targeted audience, where participants will have the opportunity to strengthen existing relationships while initiating fresh strategic viewpoints and ideas.

World Financial Forum

Explore the dynamics of assets and liabilities over time under conditions of different degrees of uncertainty and risk.

World Maritime Forum

Observe the foundation of exploring humankind’s critical and continually evolving connections with the world’s waterways and watersheds.

World Tourism Forum

Discover the aspects of one of the most important sectors; tourism has an impact on the development of any country’s economy.

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    Cutting-edge programs and agendas

  • Meetings

    Key meetings with decision makers

  • Development

    Explore solutions to the latest business challenges

  • Influence

    Outstanding speaker line-ups

  • Education

    Learn from the experts

  • Networking

    Exclusive branding and networking opportunities

Maritime & Tourism

Our Forums

In Navigore we produce sector-specific focused Forums. Our subjects and topics spotlight crucial matters in Maritime & Tourism. After extended high-quality research and market analysis, our team of experts spots emerging issues and carefully selects one of the world’s leading business cities – depending on the sector – as the location of the event; then we deliberate high-profile Forums under a critical subject.

The topics of each Forum are extensively and analytically programmed by experienced project managers who command the entire event cycle until the project completion.

Exclusive custom made agendas

Topics & Agendas

Our exclusive agendas are custom made for each event under the mentoring and guidance of top-level decision makers and leaders in the related fields. The aim of the content of each and every agenda is to ensure optimum results and maximum ROI of their time and money for all attendees and attendants.

The participation of high-level delegates, key-note individuals from government ministries and other institutional partners guarantees the high-quality of every Forum.

Our knowledge banks contain far-reaching case studies, discussion forums of great value, major technical briefings, meetings with delegates and discussions on important matters; explanatory material and media, such as presentations, videos, books, and audios, along with trade exhibitions, workshops, and networking functions enable extensive learning and unparalleled opportunities. The various branches of our specialized team take care of every aspect.

We are bringing leaders together through open discussions, professional training and B2B congresses.

Exclusive branding and networking opportunities

Opportunities & Privileges

Ranging from start-up companies to the most recognizable international multinationals, Navigore’s Forums ensure remarkable multi-layered networking opportunities for companies looking to diversify and reorient their business goals and strategies. Attending one of our conferences can play a decisive role in your business development by acquiring information from key leaders and market decision makers in order to keep up with latest global trends, while you can share your ideas and aspects with the world.

We exclusively provide more privileges and opportunities through our membership packages to all those who seek to enhance strategy, brand awareness, audiences, and revenue at their companies.

Have access to executive briefings via video-chats; connect privately with industry peers of your interest through private sessions – invitation only – and meetings with decision makers of leading companies worldwide and experts.

Our members will have benchmarking opportunities for several areas defined by job function and industry sector. From real-world solutions to innovation development and critical financial issues and business challenges, our goal is to be the catalyst for innovation and development.